Delhi Moments – Daryaganj Sunday Book Bazaar

IMG_20190610_170335Daryaganj is a flea market, but it offers much more than just leftovers. On the visual level, the bazaar is everything but dazzling. Every Sunday the book merchants lay out mats – or whatever material they happen to have – straight on the pavements, between small shops, the busy street, and the small streams of dirt that flow along the roads. IMG_20190610_170433



Most assemble the books in neat rows, but some put them in stacks that lean against the walls of the back-alley buildings, and a few simply leave their belongings in unruly piles. Yet, after every visit to Daryaganj I return with almost 20-25 books.

If you can ever spare a Sunday morning, go to this place! If not for the books, just for the charm of it! Then, head to Karim’s or Al Jawahar for their ever so-famous breakfast menu of Nihari & Paya.


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