Missing Out On Literary Places

2017-04-02-12-44-25-196_34245389712_oHello everyone!

My social media feeds have been overwhelmed by my friends and colleagues mourning the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral these past four days. And when I read about it, I was scared that we would lose Notre Dame. The closest I have come to the magnificent piece of architecture is when I was reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And I don’t want to see it only from Victor Hugo’s point of view. I want to experience its grandeur by myself.

Has it ever occurred to you that all the places that we visit through our books, we may never come close to actually visiting them? Isn’t that a sad feeling? Macbeth’s Scotland, Jane Austen’s Bath, Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, Scout’s Maycomb County, Dostoevsky’s Russia, Tom Sawyer’s St. Petersburg, Dickens’ England, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Gotham City, Neverland, The Emerald City – The count is endless!
We have been to all these places, but have still never been there!

Just a lazy Saturday thought after a few glasses of wine!


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