The One Night Stand for my Skincare

Sheet masks are everywhere these days! This Korean skin care beauty has gained all the limelight. So many to choose from – The Face Shop, Innisfree, Nykaa, Garnier, Mirah Belle, Miss Claire – the list goes on! Get them from Nykaa when they are on offer! It’s a steal.

I recently tried my face on it (no pun intended). And yes, it is like a one night stand for my skin! It works overnight leaving the skin soft, supple and refreshing in the morning! And by next morning, you don’t want to remember where did you throw the mask, because there will be a new one waiting for the next night! Although, I do get attached  sometimes, and reuse the serum!


I tried The Face Shop ‘The Solution’ Sheet Masks, and also The Face Shop Facial Sheets. And believe me, my skin has fallen in love with these! The hydrating ones are fantastic for the dry winters, the soothing and refreshing ones are on point for the summer game, and the brightening ones are for all year round of getting away from dull skin!




2 thoughts on “The One Night Stand for my Skincare

    1. It depends! Like the Mung Bean one that I used had no visible impact on my face! Whereas I could feel the brightness with the Lemon and Rice ones!

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