Kolkata | Shiv Ashram

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-19 at 20.18.20Come Holi, and wait for the Desi cocktail— Bhang!

How many places do you know serve bhaang? A delicious chill glass of thandai. I found a place in Kolkata, and right when we have to celebrate Holi.

It is a tiny run of the mill shop but they are bound to change your perception the moment you take the first sip of their Bhang Lassi or Bhang Thandai. The owner single handedly manages the shop and weaves a magic wand that escalates the taste of Bhang to a different level. At Rs. 60 / 70 / 80 a glass, Bhang here is the ultimate stop for a crazy afternoon of Holi drenched in colours, and lost in the kaleidoscope in your head after a few sips.

A little quirk about this place is the shiv ling installed right in front of the shop! Adds to the feel.

Where – Hedua Park,168, Bidhan Sarani, Manicktala, Hedua Park, Kolkata


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