Delhi Moments | Gender Stereotyped

magenta-line---ladies-coach_41968397265_oCoddled, fragile, sensitive. Virile, strong, cerebral. The homemaker and the breadwinner.  Family versus career. The list of stereotypes that was born out the masculine/feminine construct could go on forever. And it’s so extensive that it seems to have been here since the dawn of time.

Pink for girls, blue for boys! This is just one of those stereotypes! From birthday parties, to maternity wards to retail stores! We see it everywhere!

magenta-line---general-coach_41968397185_oThe latest addition to the list is the new Delhi Metro Magenta Line’s Women’s Coach! Yes, you got it right!

It is PINK! Pink for the pretty, feminine creatures of this planet! They had already entered the race, when they started their women’s coach by marking the coach’s direction with pink banners! But an entire coach with pink seats! I mean come on! What was wrong with steel grey!

And if it helps, the same line has other ‘general’ coaches which are blue in color!

Stereotype much!


3 thoughts on “Delhi Moments | Gender Stereotyped

      1. Boring, unexciting or just to replace words you can’t think off. I use it when it’s unimpressive or have nothing to say about it 😁 here been delhi metros effort to do things by just coloring it pink. Not impressive. In turn agreeing to what you we’re saying. 💁💙

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