Anamika – Celebrating A Woman!


An anonymous woman’s life.

Her birth, when she is born with that innocence.

Her childhood, how she learns to get up after she falls, how her mother is with her…always!

Her teenage, how she is conscious about herself, how she falls in love for the first time, and believes it to be there forever.

Breakfree, when she doesn’t give a damn about the world. It’s only her vision which counts.

Her expectations, when she is ready to step into the real world. She dreams to be someone big and wants to create her own identity.

Confusion, when things don’t turn out to be the way she expected…time has passed by and she still has to go through a lot.

Marriage, her turning point, where she leaves a world behind to step into someone else’s world – to be a wife, a daughter, a mother.

Motherhood, when she feels complete to caress a part of her. The joy of being called Maa for the first time.

Old age, when everything seems little and gone. When she has learnt and lived it all…when she is left alone!

Anamika. Celebrating how it is to be a woman!

One of my most memorable performances where I fused up my love for dance!
One of the greatest challenges I faced as I was to depict the stages of a woman all by myself!
One of the most enjoyable experiences as my body swayed to the music created by live drums, guitar, flute and vocals!
One of the most victorious shows yet as we had five days to rehearse and we still pulled off such a production!

Happy Women’s Day to all!


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