Delhi Moments | Egoless Rejections

The other day my friend and I were sitting in the Londoners Bistro & Pub in GK 1, when two guys came up to us and started a conversation. They definitely wanted to buy us a drink, or may be take us out for a coffee. They complimented us. We smiled. We refused politely. They smiled. They left.


Although we politely refused their offer, I couldn’t help but notice how Delhi is changing. Those guys did not rightfully came to claim a date with us, but they were humble. It did not hurt their ego (at least they didn’t express) to be let down by two girls. They said good bye by saying that in this dull winter evening, we both were brightening up the place with red and yellow, so they thought they’ll come over and try striking over a conversation.

I cannot tell you how proud I am as a Delhiite!


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