Why I Travel?

You’ll think its crazy, how I spent so much money to travel (my last Scotland trip), only to come back and tell you that the best part of my trip – was how I sat in a park for hours, doing nothing.


Or that the best part of my trip was how the streets smelled like coffee and echoed with music.
And I love how I got to hear the words ‘sandwich’ in 11 different accents.

And that two drunk strangers in Edinburgh asked me to click their picture on my camera.

The best part of my trip was not that sunset reflecting off the River Ness, and the sky turning blue and orange and pink and purple all at once, but that so many people stopped to notice.

And how there’s so much more that I can never put into words and how it has made me a better person.

But I know, you think I haven’t got my money’s worth, because when you ask me what I liked best, I won’t talk about scenic beauty in the Scottish Highlands or neo-gothic architecture in Edinburgh or big bathrooms or complimentary breakfasts. Or shopping.

But I don’t want to lie to you, so if you ask me what the best part of my trip was, and what I did there and why I liked it so much, I’ll just tell you the truth –
I don’t know!


12 thoughts on “Why I Travel?

  1. This made me smile. Often we preoccupy ourselves to visit the famous places but we forget to actually live the moment. Often while travelling in group, its always like go to a place, photo shoot for hours, sigh at the scenic beauty then off to the next spot. We miss the introspection part of travel

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    1. I am glad that my thought put a smile on your face. I agree with you. I have traveled at every opportunity and clicked myself in the famous instagrammable places, but I don’t think I have tried living those moments without the ‘filters’.

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  2. Doing nothing… well, that’s what its all about isn’t it… to just feel alive and enjoy the silence within amidst all the humdrum and chaos…

    Lovely writeup NA… ✌

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