Oxford Moments | Solitary Christmas

Our Christmas Tree in the Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University!
Our Christmas Tree in the Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University!

Another throwback post from my dorm room days! This one is for the Christmas time!

It’s fun, frequently materialistic and irrevocably social. People plan for it, spend for it, live for it and dread it all at the same time, each year. The ideal Christmas way is to sit around a heavily bedazzled tree, a heftily set dinner table with friends and family.

But there I was celebrating solitary Christmas not meeting or fulfilling these ideals. Being in a hostel with no one on the entire floor, I had no Christmas tree, no decorations, no Santa putting gifts in my stocking, no public transport to roam around, bad stormy weather and most sadly no delicious feast! (I missed mom’s roasted chicken…aghhh) This reminds me of Harry’s 1st Christmas at Hogwarts, when everyone left for home and he didn’t! (Well that was no less than Hogwarts to me – I was technically in the same city as Hogwarts!)

Though people constantly discouraged me about that situation of mine, by saying that to spend Christmas alone is pitiful, a tragedy and a sad failure (Bit of exaggeration but ya pretty similar stuff). But deep down I was bloody happy – I mean all alone in the entire floor – the full kitchen and bathroom to myself for 5 days!! I had to be with myself and my thoughts – the delights of solitude!!

So here’s how one can celebrate solitary Christmas –

1. Wished myself Merry Christmas out loud!

2. Breakfast in bed – You know where you go make breakfast and then get it to your bed and have it there!!

3. Christmas movie marathon – Miracle on 34th Street, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Magic Christmas Tree, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, Fred Claus!
(For today, Netflix has added to some new Christmas movies, and this Christmas was all about these films – A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, The Christmas Chronicles, The Princess Switch, The Holiday Calendar, Christmas Inheritance, The Christmas Chronicles – Check out the Netflix list here!

4. Skyped with my family!

5. Christmas lunch – Fried rice with sausage! (I cooked)

6. Walk down the neighborhood – Not a soul believe me AND it was so freaking cold I couldn’t feel my face after some time!

7. Christmas dinner – Pork steak, diced beef and mango juice!! (I cooked it again! And, I do not remember why was I having mango juice!) You can also try what I tried last year – Chicken Roasted on a Bed of Vegetables – The Perfect One-Pot Meal for Christmas

8. Conversation with myself all day! (I do that all the time though)

With enough imagination and motivation, you don’t need to play the unspoken rules of Christmas – just make the day enjoyable, unique n fulfilling!

Merry Christmas everyone!!
Hope you all had a good time with your loved ones – family, friends or may be just yourself (Aren’t you your loved one??)


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