Dance Love – How Dance Survived With Me Through My Postgrad!

That’s me with my Brookes Dance Society hoodie!

This is a throwback post to how dance survived with me through my Postgrad!

My final year of undergrads was all work and no dance!

I started to wonder how I will manage to keep dance present in my life. Postgrads will be bloody hell tough. I would never have the time, and then I saw something fantastic!

My university had a dance society and unlike Indian University cultural societies, they taught dance – not just one – 6 different forms of dance – Ballet. Hip Hop. Contemporary. Modern. Street. Tap. And all of this in just £5 – That was just Rs. 500!!!
They had pointe classes too but I couldn’t join them as I had no previous training!
It was great to groove with dancers from all over the world. Different languages. Different cultures. Different dance forms. And yet the same passion we all shared!

So there I was doing my masters degree and juggling between jazz and tap and what not. How cool was that! It just proved that when you love something from deep down your heart it won’t let you go so easily! (OK that’s a dialog from Om Shanti Om!)

And if the title of this entry “Dance Love” seems funny, let me tell you it was the phrase we all used in the society after any message we passed on to each other!!


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