Review: The Impatient Atheist by Anwesh Satpathy

DqFuYquWoAAKhL2Do I believe in God? Does God exist? Is there any supernatural presence that controls the universe? These are common questions which do not have not so common answers!

Anwesh Satpathy, a 16 year old thinker, has given his perspective about religion. He has put into words different views about the existence of God! He has explained the variants of theism (I confess I sat with a dictionary here!).

Does he convince his readers that God does not exist, and religion is not required? The answer is NO! Although he does make some very good arguments! I personally loved the Batman VS God one. Pray to Batman to fulfill your wishes for a month. The next month, pray to God. It is highly probable that Batman will fulfill at least one of your wishes. So will God. So, how much of a difference exists between God and Batman? Jokes apart, this provokes us to think. Anwesh has used philosophy, science, literature and history to spur the argument.

Making my stand clear, I am a huge fan of mythology. Mahabharata, Ramayana, and even Greek! They all interest me. But I have always seen them as masterpieces of literature, rather than religious texts! Am I an atheist? Nope! Am I a believer? Nope!
I consider myself agnostic. Or moreover, a rather narrow branch of agnosticism – I consider myself ignostic*!

In and all, coming from a teenager, it’s a well researched work! Back in my teens, I was busy reading thrillers and dancing around!

*An ignostic is someone who refrains from making any judgments about God until a rational definition is provided. It is often considered to be a subset of Agnosticism. An agnostic makes the claim that we cannot know anything about God, whereas an ignostic claims that we cannot even form an opinion of God. 

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Impatient Atheist by Anwesh Satpathy

  1. If you are reading on the subject then I suggest “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins and “God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens

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      1. Try the two I mentioned above, both are staples of modern atheist literature, I can suggest more when you are done with the two.

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