Between Late Nights & Early Mornings

Urdu Ki Akhri Kitaab (उर्दू की आखिरी किताब) by Ibn-e-Insha

You know those long nights when you sit with your friends with may be a drink in your hand and talk about every possible thing, everything serious, in the world! You drag cigarettes after cigarettes, and embrace the morning as if you never realized where time went.

Just like those all nighter discussions, this book touches all those topics like politics, education, history, philosophy, and all of it with a touch of humour! Just a kadak chai (strong tea) and a sutta (cigarette) drag is all you need!

This was the first Urdu literature piece I put my hands on! And it was different but fun! So have you all ever read such translated works? How did you all feel about that?

Do let me know! Keep reading!


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