Saahi Hain Shoot Scenes

Here is a video that we shot for Saahi Hain. It was a fantastic experience.

Giving you guys some quirky behind the scene moments from the shoot –

(i) My opening scene where I am walking into the party venue – It was shot at 4 in the morning, and I fought to keep my eyes open.

(ii) Again about my opening scene, there were two dogs who kept barging in and scaring the hell out of me!

(iii) Oh! And the guy I am flirting with (guitarist) is my boyfriend’s childhood friend, and we kept laughing at each other awkwardly.

Oh! By the way did I mention, I am the one in the red mekhla chadar holding the packet and flirting with the guitarist!

Saahi Hain – It’s a boutique marketplace where you can find curated handcrafted products from different regions of India directly from artisans. They also support #MakeInIndia initiative.


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