Delhi 6 | Aslam Chicken

Butter Chicken

This place gives the true meaning to the name of the dish ‘Butter Chicken’. One can see the amul butter bricks decked up to be put on the roasted chicken with masala. The chicken is roasted and mixed with loads of butter and masala. The gravy that comes out of this blending of masala and butter is mouth watering. This place is not for the people on diet as it would be a cholesterol burst on a body but then Chandni Chowk was never meant for the people on diet.



Seekh Kebab

Being crowded, the service is slow, especially if you order something other than the butter chicken. The place is never empty, but climbing those 4 floors is always worth it.

Location: Meena Bazaar, 982, Matia Mahal Rd, Kalan Mehal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi-6

Metro station: Chawri Bazaar on the Yellow Line

Phone no.: +91-9312281022


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