Delhi Moments | Banta Soda

Delhi’s Local Drink – Kancha is marble in Hindi. Marble is Banta in Punjabi

A summer day experience in Delhi is not worth much if one hasn’t sipped a chilled Banta with sun-baked cheeks. Every summer that I miss living in Delhi, I miss sipping the goodness of Banta.

Banta – Delhi’ local drink or kanchay waali drink is not a drink that can be easily enjoyed by the town’s freshers. A row of glass bottles which looks like some used local soft drink bottles filled with water kept in a cart. A few golf-ball sized lemons balanced on top of some of the bottles. Mouth of the bottles sealed by a marble instead of a cap. The banta soda then mixed with lemon juice, crushed ice, chaat masala and kala namak (black salt). And then of course there is the idea of this sweaty vendor squeezing it, fresh and dirty! No!

I told you newbies cannot take it. But we Delhiites go banter about Banta. It is our perfect thirst quencher for the scorching heat at 43°C! So if you ever are in Delhi, do not miss it just because they do not look appealing! I think it’s better than the MRP rated cold drink you’re sipping now!

Happy sipping!


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