Review: Mistress by Anita Nair

DIxxrTlUMAQT8U4Mistress is the story of the bored Indian housewife, Radha, who is excited by the thrill of the young American man, Chris, who arrives to interview her Uncle about his Kathakali dancing career, and the two have an affair. Mistress’ is also about what it means to be an artist and how an artist can find peace without losing the fire that adds the edge to their art.

The subject of love in this narrative is art – the art of Kathakali whose facial expressions (navaras) provide the structure to the novel. The navarasas being Sringaram (Love, Beauty), Hasyam (Laughter), Raudram (Anger, Fury), Karunyam (Compassion, Pathos), Bhibatsam (Disgust, Aversion), Bhayanakam (Fear, Dread), Viram (Heroism), Adbhutam (Wonder, Amazement), Shantam (Peace).

The author has weaved a story around the characters in the book as they go through these varied emotions.

Although the story got a little unrealistic, I urge you to read this book for its mere presentation.

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