Review: Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami

DHnNUUfUwAA8VFtKafka on the Shore is a paradox. It follows no rules, it doesn’t adhere to reason, and applicability is not an issue. So many emotions are present, you can’t seem to figure out which one is most important. Murakami can talk about fate one minute, then drop it and talk about imperfection the next. Basically, the plot of the book is like a paradox, which left me in paradox of emotions!

This novel is shared between two people’s inter-connected tales of self-discovery. A damaged fifteen year-old named Kafka, an illiterate and magical old-man named Nakata, one fleeing from something, the other searching, one looking forward, the other looking back, one with a bright future ahead of him, the other with a dark past. Told you, paradox!

I honestly don’t know if I should recommend this book, as some may find it interesting, and some may find it boring. So go ahead and figure it out yourself.

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