Happy New Year – Reviewing My Favorite Year!

Nope I am not reviewing 2017 – I am looking back at 2013!

2013 started with a little joke!
“Tu baahar ke universities kyu nahi try karti?”
Then we celebrated new year…and it was the same!!
But things changed….they changed big time!!

University lists, IELTS, SoP, conditional offers, GRE dilemma, entrance exams and of course Economics Hons. final year exams!

Then there was visa forms, visa photograph, bank loans, visa documents, birth certificate (right I was finally legally born), visa blah blah – basically VISA PROCEDURE!

And farewells…to my college, my college friends, family friends, dance students, Dwarka friends, high school friend (coz only one came to Delhi – rest was done on phone) and my family!!

You must be wondering why I am talking about a new year that was 4 years ago! Because that was my best ever, and I guess which ever new year I welcome, I’ll always crisply remember that one!

2013 was a revolution.
First half I struggled with driving a car, entering the kitchen only to sneak out snacks, going to a grocery market by mistake, last minute studying just to manage to have a pass in the exams, drinking with friends and talking about how hopeless and blurred our future is, plans with high school friends and college friends…

Second half was just the opposite! No driving, cooking full time, shopping became an equivalent to buying groceries and cooking oil, preparing the study material before every class, future was not that hopeless anymore, planning with friends but digitally.

Suddenly from Bachelors in Economics I had to say Masters in Finance. “I am in India” changed to “I am in UK”. From home sweet home I went to being a hostel resident. From being in a girls’ college to living with 6 guys as hall mates. Things did change and change is good!

The first day of 2013 started with a little joke in Bangalore, India and there I was, waking up from celebrating the last day of the year in Oxford, England, UK!

Happy New Year everyone!


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