Delhi Moments | Amrakh Winters

CaptureChildhood winters in Delhi were about unlimited sourness. Mothers basking in the sun, sitting on the charpai, popping moongfallis (peanuts), knitting sweaters, binging on the latest neighborhood gossip and we kids playing pitthoo and pakdam pakdai, popping ber, amrakh and kacchi imli.

I don’t know if Lodhi Colony is still the same. Do the households still have charpais, or have they shifted to savvy beds from Pepperfry? Do the kids still go out and play, or do they compete on Candy Crush on their smartphones? Do they still savour these sour winter delicacies, or have they become too snooty for such things? How I wish to go back to my childhood and get a handful of those sour mellow winter memories!



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