Review: Ajaya – Roll of the Dice by Anand Neelakantan

DHMFRW_UQAA7WwsAjaya tells us the story from Suyodhana’s, or as we all know him more commonly as Duryodhana, point of view. This Mahabharata is from a different point of view over the more common version of Pandava’s. As we delve into the pages, we come to a realization, Bhishma wasn’t all good, Karna was indeed mistreated and was more of an honorable man than depicted earlier and that there were very important reasons behind every single act that we took as a general course of the story. The fact that no one is made of only light or only darkness is highlighted over and over again as we see the lighter sides of the ‘accepted’ villains of the story and the darkness within our heroes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the insights to the other side through the author’s quill, although at times I felt as if the author went out of his way to show the ‘Kauravas’ as good people, and the ‘Pandavas’ as bad people.

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