Calcutta Moments | Matir Bharer Cha

College Street, Kolkata

Matir bharer cha (tea in an earthen pot), is something that one tea lover would die for here. It’s not the quantity because trust me the bhar is very small. But I guess it is about that chai ki chuski. A simple yet enigmatic cup of tea brings a fresh start to the lazy day. For the people here its not just the tea, but the roadside mumble, the conversations that happen around each stall, the smell of the earth in your cup and the bakery biscuits that half dissolve at the bottom of your cup that make up this experience. Amongst the earthen colors and clay, this chaiwala found his own colors. Neatly arranged his little stall in College Street, Kolkata.


2 thoughts on “Calcutta Moments | Matir Bharer Cha

  1. Hey… so cool… reminded me of pur college days when we used to have milk in “kulhads”, asking the shopkeeper for 1 meter or 2 feet of milk cos that is the height from which he will pour the boiling milk into these clay cups… so kool 🤗

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