Oxford Moments | Trick-Or-Treat

1379768_10202325509719189_529219444_nFor very long 31st October was just the last day of the month, but my England diaries made me celebrate it as Halloween – the festival where they remember the dead!

So I had always read in books and seen in movies and TV shows about the Halloween costume parties – it was pretty fascinating to see it all live!

My university got decked up with with spooky bats, spiders, owls, and witch hats and of course how can the carved pumpkins be missed! We had a Halloween theme dinner – different types of pumpkin preparations! Pumpkin Latte was my personal favorite!1425687_10202325508599161_1450075951_n

So then I thought let me go around the city and witness how it is celebrated! After dinner I took a bus and I was off to the City Center. From my campus itself there was this one girl with ‘blood’ all over her dress n face, also a guy with a red cape! On the way, some kids threw tomatoes on our bus and screamed Happy Halloween (must be a fun tradition!) After sometime our bus was full of vampires, jokers, animals, angels, devil, Cleopatra, werewolves etc. Every house on the way had a carved pumpkin outside their door.

Once I reached the City Center I realized I was the odd one out there without any dripping blood or devil horns (thanks to my vampire teeth….they saved me!!). It was like a party going on in every corner…bunch of boys and girls…everyone holding a Halloween bottle were screaming around the streets! I saw a Black Cat girl fall down while running wild on the road, and a vampire came for her help…. and that completed the festival for me!

Happy Halloween!


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