Review: Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

DJ0UuIxUMAE9RuA‘She’s just like you and a lot like me’, says the tag line on the book cover of Mrs Funnybones, and I thought how could an average person like me ever be a lot like Twinkle Khanna – an entrepreneur, wife of a superstar, daughter of a superstar, and a mother to her two kids, (and also a former actress – I did love her in Baadshah!). But her crackling narration just cracked me up!

We always want to get closer to Bollywood, to know what they talk about in personal lives, to see how they are always picture perfect! But I realized through this book, that they’re just about as normal as the rest of us! To start with normalcy, Twinkle Khanna is embarrassed of her first name – ‘Twinkle’, and she blames her mother (Dimple Kapadia) for it. She takes a day off from work when her son has a high temperature. She has to please her Punjabi mother-in-law. She gets taunted by her husband (Akshay Kumar – Yes!! The Khiladi) when she gets something wrong, and she gets annoyed when he does not read her mind! And finally, even she has days when she does not want to make an effort, and just wants to slip into a loose kurta without any make-up.

But in and all, it was a fun read, where we saw a star wife juggling between her work, raising children amidst paparazzi, and a Punjabi mummy ji.

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