2017-09-13-07-08-40-941Oh darling, take a seat
Learn from the experts
I will dress you up in success 
Teach you to walk the walk
When I speak,
the season’s latest silk seems crude
You will never be the stuttering idiot
Always the star at your office meetings,
a hit with the ladies, a catch amongst the gentleman.
People confuse my charm for arrogance,
but that’s how naive little minds think.
I know how the world works,
And your lessons in confidence begins today.
Now, first things first.
Don’t wear socks with sandals, ugh!


2 thoughts on “Sophisticated

  1. Good one lady…

    Well, you know how it works… some follow a style… and then there are some who define it…

    You know where you are… so just Rock On 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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