Review: For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway

DA7rW60XsAAZKy_.jpg largeWell, to begin with, I am not very much of war book person. I can’t sit through a war movie in one go, let alone a book! So if I say I did not enjoy this classic, it’s not because it wasn’t a good book, but because it wasn’t my type of a book!

It was a very long book. It took five hundred pages to blow up a single bridge. There were tanks to count, grenades to gather, diagrams to be drawn and generals to contact. Then there was the setting, a cave in the mountains where only a few gallons of wine were available (and a flask of absinthe, the flavor of which is described over the course of about thirty pages). And, it hardly took Robert Jordan  minutes to fall in love. And why was he Robert Jordan (full name) at every mention?

The description of the power struggles, and the war strategies at various levels of command were very good. Also, it ended well. Well, it ended, anyway.

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