I am a Woman – Am I really free?

2017-08-13-15-02-43-403My breasts were fondled
Not by a lover, but by a stranger on a bus.
I have been rated from 1-10
When I wandered around the city.
I have had penises flashed at me
Whose owners I know not.
I can hold my own on everyday debates.
I can hum to my favorite songs.
I can express my love for literature.
I can dance without any inhibition.
I am liberated and educated.
But does it really matter?
Every morning before I leave the house
I crouch down in fear.
How much can I fight?
Being deaf to those whistles
Blind to that lewdness
I look straight ahead
And walk as if I don’t care.
I am a woman and I question myself
Am I really free?

3 thoughts on “I am a Woman – Am I really free?

  1. Don’t know what to say… can’t call it beautiful cos its not… its written beautifully but the situation is so not… maybe I can just apologize cos such things make me feel ashamed of being a man… 🙁

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