How do you know you are a dancer?

Dance For Life

1. You choreograph in your head.
Its like once you put on your headphones, your life becomes a music video!

2. You can break into a jig just about anywhere.
You just get used to the stares!

3. Arabesque while you do something.
Picking up something from the floor. Getting up from the bed.

4. You know what it is to work for free.
We are artists, we don’t work for money……as if there is a choice.

5. Dance as a career option has at least once crossed your mind.

6. School and college have been incomplete without dance.
Annual days, teachers’ day, college fests, societies – taught you more than any subject.

7. You follow the reality shows and you have a favorite dancer from every season.

8. Once a dancer, always a dancer.
Dance your way through life and planning how not to give it up ever!


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