Review: The Swan Lake

Watching a ballet performance was a dream come true…and watching Swan Lake was just beyond belief. I watched this ballet in Oxford two years back, but I still remember it pretty clearly!

The Russian State Ballet of Siberia Returns presented its production of Swan Lake at the New Theatre, Oxford.

The Black Swan

Swan Lake tells the enchanting tale of one day in a young aristocrat’s life, but this time he is dead by the end of it. Trapped in dull court routine, with a dynastic marriage threatened, he escapes to the wild outdoors (or possibly his inner world) and encounters swans just as they are magically turning back into girls, briefly permitted release from their evil slavemaster’s daytime tyranny. The Prince and the swans’ Queen are two fugitives, attracted to each other. But the evil genius makes the young man forget his new love by fashioning a doppelganger to seduce him into betrayal. In this story deception costs the life of the young man, his attempt to re-avow his broken love to the Swan Queen not working to set evil to rights.

In both these stories: men are deceivers led by their desires, women let themselves too easily be seduced into their fantasies.

The evening as a whole was magical, beautiful and exciting.

Where: George St, Oxford OX1 2AG, UK
Phone No.: +44 844 871 3020


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