Be Bold For Change

Be Bold For Change
There once was a time when I was afraid to be on my own.
I was scared of the fact that I would have to live alone.
Many thoughts were constantly racing through my mind.
I was always stressed and worried, crying all the time.
How was I going to be able to take care of my two little girls?

Would I be able to provide them with a life they would enjoy?

The pain that I felt at the present was too much for me to handle.
We lived in a life full of drama, problems and scandal.
I became tired of our silly, everyday routine.
The fact that I can do bad by myself was all I could see.
I proved everyone wrong. I went against all odds.
After so many years, I left him behind…receiving nothing but applause.
Things are so much easier this way, one never would believe.
I don’t have to answer to anyone, stress has been relieved.
I can come and go if I choose, do as I please.
I feel like I am in heaven, having my own personal glory.
I no longer need to have any man in my life.
There are no longer dreams of me being a wife.
I’ve become a woman with too many things on her plate.
The fact that I may be alone forever is okay for me to take.
With so many good things going for us, its hard not to smile.
I thank god everyday for my decision that was worthwhile.
Thank you god for standing by me each and every day.
For making me the strong, independent woman that I am today!

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