Oxford | The Turf Tavern

“Bustling student pub on a cobbled lane, with a Modern British menu and lots of outdoor space.” – This is how Google introduces this place.

The ambience in Turf Tavern (or The Turf) is something for which one has to go to this place! Their fish and chips is tasty, and they have got some good ales and beers. This place does add to your pub experience in Oxford!

The charm of The Turf starts right from its indications. You are directed to ‘An education in intoxication’. Now why wouldn’t you want to head to this place?


Such famous billboards! All the famous personalities who have ever stepped in here. Doesn’t that make you feel a bit famous…a little bit yes!


And I personally loved their walls…so vintage!! After all its from the 13th century.


Now, how I reached this place for the first time is a sweet memory. A chance to sit and talk with a bunch of academicians in an English pub. All of them in the city as guest lecturers in Oxford University. All of them professors in their respective fields in different parts of the world. I was enlightened.

Anyone who is in Oxford should try this place, click some pictures and chill with some beers.

Location: 4-5 Bath Pl, Oxford OX1 3SU, United Kingdom

Zomato Page: https://www.zomato.com/south-east-england/turf-tavern-oxford

Phone no.: +44 1865 243235


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