Delhi Moments | People Watching In The Delhi Metro

I miss the Delhi metro and here is a post which pretty much sums up what I used to see everyday.

Once the metro doors have shut behind you it’s interesting to indulge in doing some people-watching!

1. The starers- Their eyes follow you. Classify them thus: the one who wants your seat, the lecher, the girl checking out your outfit, the classmate from school trying to confirm it’s you before saying, ‘Hi’. For such people just stare them down!

2. The talkers- You know they’re having a tiff with their partner and you know Shivam is the boss’s pet (bohot chalu hai wo!).
Just plug in your earphones, or read a book and if you wanna enjoy the gossip, then just go ahead!

3. The separated- The metro’s compartments for men and women may have separated families/couples/friends, but who say you cannot get into some cross-border interaction? They constantly cheat on each other and exchange shopping bags and stray babies. You should just get out of their way!

4. The furtive eaters- They look left, then right, swiftly take out food from their bag and sop it into their mouth. Half-finished lunches, fruits, chips and the occasional momos and pizzas are the standard. Smile at them…they may share!

5. The liar liar pants on fire- They’re still at Csec (Central Secretariat..ya my generation calls it Csec!), but tell people they have reached Rajiv Chowk!

6. The sleeping beauties- Once they catch a seat, they drift into their own little wonderland. I am one of them when I take the metro at 7 in the morning).

7. The bookies- Don’t be suprised if a fellow traveller asks, “Aapko kaha utarna hai?”. And then look at the disappointment when you say Dwarka 21 (the last station on the blue line) and you are still at R.K. Ashram (1 hour away)! To avoid such people, pretend to be the sleeping beauty (see no. 6).

8. The touch-oholics- Before you get any ideas, these are the ones afflicted with ‘Nomophobia’ (fear of being without a mobile phone). The social media fanatics will be online all through. For such people, just mind your own business and don’t peep, it’s rude!


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